Welcome to Eat Right with Louisa! Do you consider yourself eating well, or have you followed all kinds of healthy diets, but are not seeing the results you expected? The reason may very well be, that you are still not eating right!

How can that be? Isn’t a vegetarian, vegan or raw diet supposed to make you lose weight and feel better? Maybe some of your friends are doing well on these diets, but you just can’t seem to shed those extra pounds or are outright feeling deprived and sick! There is so much information and so much confusion out there. How do you find the best way for yourself to stay in top shape? The answer lies in your bio-individuality.

As the old adage says, “A person’s meat is another’s poison.” Learning to eat according to your unique body type can be the key to your next level of health. No matter what your health status is, you will benefit from understanding what your body truly needs and “eating right” accordingly.

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Hello! I am Louisa, “Eat Right Chef” and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

A couple of years ago, due to some serious health issues, including uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts, I started looking for natural ways to heal my body. During the process, I adopted the vegan diet but got very sick after just six months. Then I stumbled upon the “Blood Type Diet” in 2009 and shortly afterwards, all the health issues associated with eating a plant-based diet went away. Since then, many of the health problems that had bothered me since childhood—all kinds of digestive problems, cold sores, severe seasonal allergies, headaches, PMS, excess mucus, frequent colds and flus—also miraculously disappeared. I hope that my website will provide some inspiration and guidance to those of you who are struggling with similar health issues but are determined to improve your health and well-being through natural ways.

I’m particularly interested in helping those of you who have been a vegan but are feeling physically weak or sick as a result, yet have no one to talk to about this due to a sense of guilt and shame. I have been in the same position before and know all about it, but have finally made peace with my decision to return to an omnivorous diet and am thriving because of that decision. (Read more about my story here.)

You see, I am a Type O individual, and have relied on the Blood Type Diet to support my physical health in my recovery from the “side effects” of veganism. The reason why it works is simple. Type O thrive physically by having roughly 40% of our nutritional intake from animal protein. Without it, our energy level, muscle mass, metabolic, immune and digestive systems, as well as cognitive, thyroid and other functions deteriorate. On the other hand, Type A individuals thrive on a mostly plant-based diet. That’s why if you are a Type O person like me, it has been such a struggle to stay on the vegan diet, while others (most likely Type A individuals) seem to thrive.

While “we are all one,” the human race does embrace a variety of different genetic attributes, including blood type. As a result, no one diet can address the specific needs of all individuals. One man’s food is another poison. This age-old adage is not only figurative but literally true!

Eating according to our specific type supports our health by giving us the precise “fuel” that our unique body needs, and allowing us to avoid the “poisons” that contribute to weight gain, mood instability, brain fog, lower immunity and higher chances for chronic diseases. It helps us boost our immune system, adjust our weight to what is optimum for our unique body, increase our vitality and longevity, plus a lot more. As a bonus, if you eat only what’s good for you, you will naturally not be wasting money on “edible poisons,” so it will help you save money too!

All the dishes I cook and share here are anti-inflammatory. Systemic inflammation is a major contributor to chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, allergies and auto-immune diseases. When you have learned how to cook and eat this way, you will stand a much greater chance of preventing lifestyle-based chronic diseases.

I encourage you to check out my blog section, where you will find ideas for healthy cooking, analyses of food and how to establish healthier habits. In the recipe section, you will find recipes catered for different blood types. If you enjoy a particular recipe, please give it a rating and share it with people you care about. Eating right can be so fulfilling and fun, not to mention delicious!

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If you need a little more hand-holding or gentle nudging to establish healthy habits, I am here to help you. Having someone to cheer you on and ask you high-mileage questions can make a huge difference. Perhaps you have tried “everything” but are still not seeing improvements in your health. Then you may want to dig deeper than just focusing on food or exercise alone. There is a lot more than than physical food alone, and as a health coach, I can help you to put the power back to yourself to heal yourself.

Curious about how I can help you solve a health problem with natural means? Click here to book a free, 20-minute consultation with me. I look forward to serving you!

To your health,

Louisa Wah, the "Eat Right Chef" - www.eatrightwithlouisa.com

The “Eat Right Chef,” Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certified Postural Alignment Specialist and Certified Barre Fitness Instructor

“Thank you for the encouragement and the tips! I still can’t believe how much better I am feeling just by following the blood type diet! Adding red meat and avoiding gluten, dairy, lentils, avocados, and a few more things that I thought were good for me! Thank you for providing so many great recipes, tips, and knowledge!”
~ Jennifer Major (Type O)

“I am so grateful to have found Louisa. She is extremely knowledgeable about the blood type diet and overall nutrition and cooks absolutely delicious meals. It did not feel like I was on any sort of diet! She is the most warm and caring person and completely immerses herself in “taking care” of her client. It is a privilege to know Louisa!”

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