How to Choose the Foods that Jive with YOU!

Find out the secret to increasing your vitality, losing weight and preventing chronic diseases while enjoying delicious dishes designed for your unique body!

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My Nutritional Approach: How I Formed My Cooking Philosophy

What is food to me? Where did my passion for food come from? I’ll share some endearing memories with you in this opening chapter.

Top 10 Food Principles: The Critical Ingredients of Healthy Eating

A distillation of my nutritional knowledge, grocery shopping experience and food preparation techniques accumulated over the years.

Let’s Get Personal: A Primer on Personalized Nutrition

Why one-size-fits-all diets don’t work and why blood type matters when it comes to food choices. Plus, how to get started with your own personalized diet.

Recipe Creation Guide: How to Create Your Own Recipe on the Fly

Ideas to inspire you on how to create breakfast, lunch and dinner using the right ingredients so you can achieve maximum health with every single bite you eat.

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