On my “Six-Week Challenge to Jump-Start Your Mid-Life Body”:

“This doesn’t feel like a diet at all! Skipping meals is no longer attractive to me and I look forward to meals now. I was really surprised that I’m not craving my ‘avoids.’ Without even trying I have also cut my coffee consumption from a pot a day to 1-2 mugs a day!”
~Becky P.

“I think it’s a very well-rounded, rich and informative program, very encouraging and covering all aspects of diet, exercise, mind, body and spirit. I like that it combines not only what we eat but how we move and how we think and deal with stress and other issues. Because it is all related.”
~Amy B.

On my Personal Chef Service:

“I am so grateful to have found Louisa. She is extremely knowledgeable about the Blood Type Diet and overall nutrition and cooks absolutely delicious meals. It did not feel like I was on any sort of diet! She is the most warm and caring person and completely immerses herself in ‘taking care’ of her client. It is a privilege to know Louisa!”

On my Functional Body Workshops:

“Your workshop is great. I bought it for my Mom… We are doing the exercises now. I also follow your recipe section. Thank you for all the information you share with us to help to improve our health. Blessings!”
~Rosita T.

“This amazing knee workshop was just the medicine I needed to reclaim the structure in my lower body, and knees, strength and posture. A few hours later day, my legs and lower body felt so balanced like I haven’t experienced before. Really had a myofascial release I was seeking. I had no idea this would be been such a benefit I was more curious because of knee issues but it so ended up being the Million Dollar Tip!

Jane has experienced Louisa’s Million Dollar Tip!

I find that Louisa brings joy and life to the world, you break things down so well by framing and educating me with the anatomy of the knees again. At times it is not our fault we have pain or weakness and you taught me that by building a good healthy practice of alignment and ISOLATED exercises and giving ourselves time and focus we can shift our bodies to have FREEDOM. I feel empowered and enlightened by your classes, teaching and energy.

Thank you so much! “

~Jane M.

On “Cooking with Love” Online Cooking Course:

“I am so grateful for your cooking classes, the incredible clarity and simplicity. I learned more from watching and listening to you than I have in years of reading recipe books!
Thank you so very much – you are such a great gift in my life!”

“I loved Louisa’s on-line course! I’m blood type O and had just started the Blood Type Diet after reading Dr. D’Adamo’s book but I felt overwhelmed by all of the information and didn’t really know how to begin. Then I came across Louisa’s course and it really helped me dive right into eating right for my blood type. I learned so much from her video tutorials and printable pdf resource guides. The course is easy to follow and can be done at your own pace. I have watched the lessons several times. A lot of her videos are done in ‘real time’ so you can really see how long it takes and exactly what goes into the process. It’s like you are in the kitchen with her! Louisa is very funny and enjoyable to watch. She makes learning fun. She does not give you “recipes” per se in this course. She teaches “methods” so that you know how to make your own meals and has a lot of good food hacks and tricks for food prep and storage. She gives excellent support throughout the course, answering questions right away and giving encouragement. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is following the blood type diet and anyone who wants to learn healthy cooking skills/methods and how to eat more whole foods. I cook most of my meals at home and I feel better knowing the ingredients in my food. When I go out to eat, I know what to order so I can still have a healthy meal at a restaurant. I feel more confident and inspired to cook for myself and family after taking this course!
~Nina A.

“Thank you so much for providing this course. I am really enjoying it, but more importantly, it helps me to use the Blood Type Diet more closely. My hubby and I have been following our diets for 18 years. We ‘cheat’ on occasion and on a few foods that we just didn’t give up–like butter and black pepper. This course is making me motivated to use my beneficial foods more and fill in with the neutrals, and truly avoid the ‘avoid’ list.”

“I loved how you said that cooking is an act of self-love! I never thought of it that way before.”
“I currently work with a homeopath and he told me about the blood type diet so I just started it on my own a few months ago and then I came across Louisa’s on-line cooking program. As soon as I watched one of Louisa’s videos, I was hooked. Louisa, you are so enthusiastic and make me smile and laugh (I was cracking up during the smoothie dance!) and I think when you are learning something new, humor is so important. This program could not have come at a better time for me!
~Nina A.

Love the concept and your communicative style. Looking forward to learning to cook right for my type.”
~Ron M.

“Loving the course! Thank you for the opportunity to help refine my culinary skills in a simple way!

~Tracy MacDonald, Certified Health Coach

Louisa’s gentle approach to eating right and taking care of your body is a breath of fresh air. She infuses a wide array of interesting information about health and self-care into each of her cooking lessons. The best part? Her food tastes delicious and makes you feel great after!”
~The Exist Real Team

On My Health Coaching & Education:

“I just recently learned about the Blood Type diet and after 23 years of being a vegetarian/vegan I have started to eat meat again. My health was failing and I was having suicidal thoughts no matter what I tried to help myself. I went to an acupuncturist on a Monday who told me I needed to eat meat and a homeopathic doctor on Friday that same week who told me I needed to eat meat as well and to try the blood type diet. I started eating meat that night and have eaten some everyday since then and I haven’t had any anxiety, negative thoughts, or brain fog since. I am blown away [by] this but the change has been extremely difficult for me….

I’m thankful to learn about this diet because I believe it saved my life. I will continue to eat the beneficial foods and avoid the ones that aren’t good for me to see how my health improves!”

“Thank you for the encouragement and the tips!

I still can’t believe how much better I am feeling just by following the blood type diet! Adding red meat and avoiding gluten, dairy, lentils, avocados, and a few more things that I thought were good for me!

Thank you for providing so many great recipes, tips, and knowledge!”

~Jennifer Major 

“Thank you for all your helpful emails, and the information on the problems with modern wheat.

I am very thankful for the blood type diet, to remind me I need red meat. Like you, I was vegetarian, vegan, 80 10 10 raw vegan most of my adult life, thinking I was doing the right thing avoiding animal foods. Even now, at 58, I can still be tempted to go plant-based again, even though I don’t thrive on it.

Currently I eat a paleo version of the GT1 Hunter diet, with occasional non-paleo foods. It is scary how big the vegan movement is becoming. The information you provide is a blessing when you get yourself into trouble with a vegan diet, especially for us O’s.

~Lindy George

“Thanks so much for sending me the marinade recipe! I really appreciate that.

I am enjoying your videos and lessons; thanks for those also.

I am also a former vegan who felt great on it at first and then got sicker and sicker (I am a type O). Switching to type O eating is changing my life, like it did yours!

Happy Thanksgiving!”

~Nancy B. in Ohio

“Last year I was diagnosed with high blood pressure (hypertension) and am on treatment, have elevated bad cholesterol putting me at risk of heart diseases. My Body Mass Index is also high with a lot of abdominal fat. Am currently trying to work on weight reduction.

I am positive that if I follow the right food for my blood type, together with the advice from YOU, I can successfully reverse all that is currently troubling me (elevated bad cholesterol, hypertension, etc).  I am overly excited for having discovered your website, very thankful.”

~Moitlamo Mokgetse 

“Following the Blood Type Diet has provided some benefits. My digestive issues have greatly improved and my pain has subsided. I feel a little bit more energized. I also lost a few pounds, but that’s just a bonus on top of everything else.”

~ Ruth 

“My family and I have been following the blood type diet for 2 years now and once I found your page my life has changed. All your wonderful tips and recipes have helped so much. Thank you for helping us put our health first.”

~Tiffany Brick

“Louisa Wah is my daughter’s health coach and as such, she comes to our home and teaches her, not only how to eat for optimum health, but also how to cook. If you want to learn how to cook beautiful, tasty, healthy food – tailored to YOUR needs and health – I highly recommend that you contact Louisa. Also, she is very affordable. I would recommend her over ‘Blue Apron’ or other such services any day.”

~Rachel Sapyta

“The Romaine lettuce wrap was absolutely delicious. As far as my craving for sweets – I feel that I have conquered it. I have found that just relaxing, eating the right and healthy foods and being at peace with my body as it is has taken away the stress. Thank you Louisa for your recipes and great ideas for the blood type diet. I am an O also.”

~Anne E.

“Talking with Louisa and reading her newsletter and Facebook page has helped inspired me to fight for my health. Seeing her biography and how diet transformed her life gives me hope. I love the recipes, and I love watching her videos, which are also comforting.”

~Lisa E.

“I’ve been suffering from back pain and migraine for a long time. Via the consultation with Louisa, she suggested many effective exercises to tackle my problems. The exercises greatly reduced my back pain and migraine, and the by-product was that my bunion is fading away! Louisa is very knowledgeable and I’d like to give her my highest recommendation to anyone who wants a better life.

~Elizabeth Kam

“I enjoyed my consult with Louisa. She was personable, non-judgmental, and was able to meet me where I was. I appreciated her resources and her following up with me afterwards! Thanks Louisa!!”

~Michelle Wong, www.nonlinearpath.com



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