White Chili (With or Without Carne)

White Chili (With or Without Carne)

Chili is a popular dish among those who love a hearty and spicy meal, and it’s especially great for the cold winter months. However, the traditional dish usually contains one or more “avoids.” For example, kidney beans are avoids for all blood types except for Type B; tomatoes and beef are avoids for Types A and B; and chili peppers should be avoided by Types A and AB.

But with a few twists in the ingredients, you can enjoy a hot bowl of chili that’s beneficial for your type. This recipe can be adapted for all types. Read the instructions in the ingredient list carefully to find out which ingredients to use for your blood type. For the beans, of course you don’t have to use white beans. Feel free to use other types of beans that are compliant for your blood type.

If you are Type A and prefer a vegetarian dish, you can simply skip the minced meat or substitute it with tofu. If you use meat, minced turkey meat is recommended.

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