Wheat-free Bolognese Pasta

As awareness of the negative health impacts of wheat on our health is increasing day by day, the challenge of finding wheat-free substitutes for our beloved bread, pastry and pasta dishes is also becoming more and more felt. (I will be writing a blog about why wheat is bad for our health in general but I urge you to watch the documentary “What’s With Wheat,” for your health’s sake.)

Today, I’m sharing with you a dish that so many love, pasta with Bolognese sauce. But how do you make it taste as good as the original thing, without using wheat-based pasta? My answer is to use gluten-free pasta. There are an increasing number of choices out there. The greatest success I’ve had so far is to use a brown rice pasta by Tinkyada. Tinkyada also carries several other types of pasta such as macaroni and speghetti. I also have had success with the quinoa pasta by Andean Dream. Both of these brands offer pasta that has a wonderful chewy texture that is not mushy after cooking, like some other brands I have tried.

Brown rice is beneficial for Type AB and neutral for the rest of the blood types. Quinoa is neutral for all.

Now, for the sauce: The meat in the pictured dish is minced lamb. It is good for both Type B, Type AB Non-secretors and O Secretors, neutral for Type A Non-secretor, Type AB Secretor and Type O Non-secretors. In other words, it is fine for all blood types, except for Type A Secretors. According to Genotype, it is beneficial for all except for Warriors. If you have a family with mixed blood types, this can be a good choice. If you are either Type O or B, feel free to use grassfed beef, although for B, beef is only neutral whereas lamb is beneficial. What about Type A Secretors then? Feel free to use minced turkey meat. It is beneficial for Type A Non-secretors and neutral for Type A Secretors. It also is beneficial for Type AB, and neutral for the rest.

I recommend marinating the meat with my “Eat Right Chef Secret Marinade.” It doesn’t only make the meat taste terrific, but is also extremely nutritious. To get the recipe, please click here.

The key ingredient for the sauce is tomato. However, tomato is an “avoid” for Types A Secretors and Type B Secretors. It is beneficial for Type AB Non-secretors, and neutral for Type A Non-secretors, B Non-secretors, AB Secretors and all Type Os. According to Genotype, it is only beneficial for Gatherers and an avoid for all other types. For folks who have trouble with swollen or painful joints, it is best to avoid this nightshade vegetable.  So, for those of you who should avoid tomato, skip it. Using red beet would give the sauce a very nice red color.

I have included several types of vegetables in the sauce, which are good for all blood types. It is a way to incorporate more vegetables to balance the traditionally meat-heavy ingredients. Parsnips are beneficial for all types and neutral for Type O Non-secretors. Carrots are beneficial for Type A Secretors, Type B and Type O Non-secretors, and neutral for all. Beets are beneficial for Type B and Type AB Secretors, and neutral for the rest. Onions are beneficial for Type A, O and Type B Non-secretors, and neutral for the rest. Garlic is beneficial for all except for being a neutral food for Type A Non-secretors and Type B Secretors.

When you have tried out this recipe, let me know how it turns out, and what types of pasta and meat you have used. Don’t forget to leave a rating for the recipe by going to the “Review” tab below and clicking on the stars. Thanks so much!

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