Vinegar-free Mayonnaise

Since vinegar is an “avoid” for most blood types (with the exception of Type B), I have come up with a vinegar-free version of mayonnaise, so that it is suitable for all blood types.

There are two ways of making this—with soy lecithin (which is neutral for all blood types) or an egg yolk. The latter version gives a slightly thinner texture than the traditional mayonnaise. Either way, the use of wasabi gives it a touch of “zing” and makes it an absolutely interesting condiment. Wasabi is a kind of horseradish, which is beneficial for Type A Secretors and all Type O individuals. It is neutral for the rest.

Use the mayonnaise as a dip or a spread for anything from vegetable sticks,  sweet potato fries, meatballs, fish, falafels, gluten-free bread to crackers.

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