Customizable Vietnamese Rolls

Customizable Vietnamese Rolls

Even though I’m Chinese, I much prefer Vietnamese spring rolls to Chinese spring rolls because the wrap is made with rice flour rather than wheat flour–and that makes a world of difference for those of us who should avoid wheat flour (and that’s pretty much everybody who wants to avoid inflammatory conditions or digestive issues.)

Naturally, I’d choose ingredients that are agreeable to my blood type (O). But this recipe can be easily adapted for all blood types. Type As can use all-vegetarian ingredients whereas the other blood types can add a bit of beneficial minced meat or small chunks of beneficial fish and mix it with the vegetables. Chopped hard-boiled eggs can be used for all blood types. Small bits of compliant cheese would also work beautifully. Just note that the rice sheet is extremely delicate so don’t use anything too chunky. Instead, chop the ingredients into small chunks or slices.
For the rice wrap, just soak it in a bit of water on a plate for about a minute, pick it up as soon as all parts are moist and soft, lay it on a dry plate, then place the chopped ingredients inside.

After placing the fillings in the middle of the sheet, fold length-side up toward the fillings, then fold the two short-sides toward the middle, and lastly, fold the remaining length-side down. That’s it. Carefully place the rolls in a container lined with parchment paper and enjoy!

This is not only easy to make but a nutritionally balanced dish that you can take to a picnic or pack as a lunch for work or school. Of course, it can also serve as a healthy snack or apetizer. It is also a clever way to incorporate more veggies into the diet–especially for the dear ones who aren’t in the habit of enjoying greens 😉😋

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