Sweet Potato Bread

Sweet Potato Bread

Because of its moist and dense texture, sweet potato makes an interesting ingredient in a wheat-free or gluten-free bread. It keeps the bread moist and extremely soft. The interior is rather dense—much like that of a carrot cake or banana bread—and the crust is slightly chewy but firm. By adding some warming spices to it, you can create a bread that is full of hearty flavor, perfect as a holiday fare or everyday bread. You have the choice of adding sweetener to it or not. If you add sweetener, make sure it is compliant for your blood type, and in that case this loaf will become a cake. I have used Japanese purple sweet potato in this example. But you can use any type of sweet potatoes. Note that the Japanese types are drier in texture, so you may want to add some water or nut milk to increase the moisture while mixing the batter.

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