Stock-Poached Cod with Vegetables and Turmeric Sauce

Are you having fish regularly in your diet? Deep-sea fatty fish like cod and salmon is so good for our health due to their high Omega 3 content, which is anti-inflammatory and supports cardiovascular and brain health, among others. Cod, in particular, is beneficial for all blood types.

There are many ways of cooking fish—sauté, steam, bake, grill and poach. In this recipe, I choose the poaching method.

You can poach fish in either water or stock. I would recommend using stock—either bone broth or vegetable stock will be fine, and of course, homemade stock always trumps store-bought stock, as sometimes the packaged ones contain ingredients that may not be healthy for your particular blood type. For example, a lot of times, vinegar or apple cider vinegar are added for extracting the minerals from the bones, but vinegar is an avoid for most blood types (except for Type B). Some packaged stock contains “natural flavorings,” which are nothing more than artificial flavorings derived from GMO corn. So, choose carefully.

In any case, whether it’s store-bought or homemade, stock will impart a wonderful layer of flavor to the fish, instantly making it more palatable to even those who don’t care for fish. And for those who are tired of baking or frying fish, this is an alternative way of enjoying it without any added oil.

Bon appétit!

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