Salmon Cakes

Salmon Cakes

This dish is inspired by the traditional crab cake without the “craps.”

Feel free to replace sockeye salmon (beneficial for all Type A and AB, B Secretors; Neutral for Type B Non-secretors and all Type Os) with cod, which is beneficial for all blood types.

You can also use different herbs and vegetables inside the cake, based on what is beneficial for your blood type.

The mayonnaise is based on my recipe here, which is a vinegar-free version and thus OK for all types (vinegar is an avoid for all types except for B).

The traditional bread crumb is replaced by “rice crumb,” which can be made by pulsing rice cakes in a food processor or herb grinder.

You can make the patties smaller in size to make this an appetizer, or you can make them into burger-size patties size and serve them as fish burgers. Just use your creativity and the possibilities are endless!

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