Salad in a Jar

Salad in a Jar

Everyone knows how important eating vegetables is for our health. Your grandmother or mother must have told you so many times that your ears almost fell off.

But do you know why exactly vegetables are good for you, besides the fact that they contain lots of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and polyphenols? Let me explain in a simple way.

The fibers in vegetables help feed the good bacteria in your guts so that you will not only get better digestion but a better immune system because those good bacteria boost your ability to fend off pathogens and diseases. Eating some vegetables raw has the added benefit as they contain enzymes that help digestion and some of the vitamins are better preserved when raw. Note that certain vitamins, such as A and K, are fat soluble, so always add a bit of good fat, such as organic extra virgin olive oil, to your salad.

Ideally, one should have 6 cups of vegetables every day. But how do you fit so much into your daily meal? Besides adding greens in your breakfast smoothie, you can consider having a salad in a jar every day. Use mason jars as they can keep your salad fresh for several days. That way, you can make a week’s supply and save time. Of course, the best thing is to make a fresh salad every day, but this dish is for those who can’t afford the time to do so.

The ingredient list below includes the food values based on Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s TYPEBase. Make sure you use ingredients that are beneficial or neutral for your blood type to achieve maximum health benefits.

Enjoy your salad!

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