Poké Bowl

Poké bowls are all the rage in California and here in New York. It surprised me that something as simple as a bowl of rice topped with raw fish and veggies would become such a commercial success. This reminds me of the Chinese version of poké bowls….

Back home in Hong Kong, I grew up eating “lunch boxes” in styrofoam boxes, with a thick base layer of white rice, topped with different mixtures of meat/fish and veggies and a thick sauce. To most working folks, this is one of the most convenient and economical options for lunch.

Later on I realized what poor nutritional value this kind of fast food has. The white rice is simple carb that spikes our blood sugar level and gives us that after-lunch drowsiness. But being raised on having white rice as a staple in the Chinese food culture, I never even questioned it. One day I read an article titled “The Story of Refined White Rice” on Yes Magazine and realized how white rice is a relatively “modern” food deprived of nutrients. So many Chinese actually suffer from diabetes partly due to the intake of so much white rice but they never realize or would acknowledge that.

I myself have switched to brown rice and basmati rice for their better nutritional values and even so, eat very little of it as Type Os don’t do well on grains in general.

Last night I felt lazy so I stir-fried some veggies and minced grass-fed beef that was already marinated, and laid them on top of a bunch of enoki mushrooms, which taste like thin noodles to me 😉 So here is my very simple stir-fry riceless Poké bowl, ready in about 20 minutes (and less if you have left-over veggies).

For those of you who are Type A or AB, simply swap the beef with minced turkey or leave it out, as beef is an “Avoid” for you.

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