Morocco Lamb Tagine

Morocco lamb tagine is the perfect meal for the winter! Lamb and mutton meat is considered “warming” according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. One of the spices used—ginger—is also warming. The original recipe calls for lamb shoulder but I happened to have some lamb osso buco at home, so I substituted and the result was amazing. Basically, you can use any cuts of bone-in lamb. The marrow is what yields the rich sauce in the end. For Type Os and Hunters, feel free to substitute with bone-in beef. What you’ll get is meat that is fall-off-the-bone tender and melts in your mouth.

As for the sweet part of the dish, I substituted the traditional choices of dried prunes, apricots or raisins with some dried cranberries and added sweet potato to the pot. The finishing touch—a dash of sliced almonds—was “icing on the cake.”

Lamb is beneficial for Type B, Type O Secretors, and Type AB Non-secretors, avoid for Type A Secertors and neutral for the rest. If you are following the Genotype Diet, lamb is beneficial for all types except for being an avoid for Warriors.

Serve the dish with basmati rice cooked with a few cardamom pods and cloves.

Note: This dish is cooked without the tagine and in a pressure cooker, as not everyone has a tagine at home! It can also be cooked in a Dutch oven or a heavy-bottom pot with a tightfitting lid inside the oven.

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