Holiday Spice Squash Mousse

Dessert is often an “emotionally charged” part of any meal, let alone a holiday meal, as the sugary content triggers cravings in some of us while the dairy and wheat contents would leave some, especially Types A and O, in digestive and other types of discomfort—even a day or two afterwards. But having dessert doesn’t have to be such a struggle, if you choose the right ingredients.

For the holiday season, I have designed a very simple dessert for all blood types with the minimal “side effects,” so that it can be enjoyed by everyone at your dining table. All ingredients are neutral for all blood types. If you are scratching your head about what to make for dessert this holiday season, give this a try. The good thing is that you can mold the mousse in whatever way you like, serve it in any kind of fancy bowl or dish, and garnish it in a creative way. The possibility is endless.

Depending on the natural sweetness of the squash, you would want to adjust the amount of sweetener. You may also swap the squash with pumpkin, unless you are a Type B Secretor, for whom pumpkins are an avoid.

I have included some typical holiday spices in the mix. Feel free to leave some or all of them out, if you know that any particular spice is on your “avoid” list (see notes on ingredient list).

The yield from one average-sized honeynut squash is only 4 oz, enough for one serving (or two, if you serve it in an egg cup, as pictured). If you use a larger squash, scale accordingly.

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