Gluten-free “Green” Wrap

I often find “wraps” marketed as a health food but the wraps are usually made with wheat flour or corn (as in tortillas), both of which are actually extremely inflammatory to our body—not to mention the crops themselves being hybridized to make them indigestible (in the case of wheat), sprayed with carcinogenic pesticides (wheat) or genetically modified (corn).

There is a much better way to create wraps: Just replace the wrap with a big green leaf, much like the way Koreans and Vietnamese wrap their beef/meat with lettuce leaves.

Recently I experimented with using collard greens as a wrap and it tasted awesome! Collard greens are beneficial for all blood types so I highly recommend it.

Use whatever protein and veggies that are compliant for your blood type as the content of your wrap.

For the vegetable part, you can use carrot and shallot or onion–these are fine for all blood types.

For the protein part, for Type Os,  you can use grass-fed beef or lamb, either sliced or minced.

For Type As, either use tofu or salmon.

For Type Bs, lamb would be ideal.

For Type ABs, turkey meat, minced or not, or even turkey ham, would be excellent.

If you can include meat in this dish, I would recommend my “secret marinade.” It doesn’t only make the meat taste terrific, but is also extremely nutritious. To get the recipe, please click here.

Once you have tried this “green” wrap, I’m pretty sure you will fall in love with it and can gradually replace the unhealthy kind.

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