Wheat-free Chocolate Banana Bread with Nut Butter

Wheat-free Chocolate Banana Bread with Nut Butter

I love making this banana bread because first of all, banana is a beneficial fruit for Type O. Second, ripe bananas are sweet enough that there is absolutely no need to add any form of sweeteners in this recipe. Thirdly, you can pour the batter into any shape of oven form and make a cake or brownie out of it, so it’s super versatile. Lastly, this bread doesn’t contain any wheat flour and after eating it, you won’t feel stuffed at all. I just love that “guilt-free” feeling because it not only leaves you feeling great in the stomach but also gives you lots of beneficial nutrients that your body craves. Warning: don’t devour the whole bread in one setting! As always, eat with moderation and you’ll enjoy the food so much more! Have fun baking it!

A note for Type A Secretors: Try substituting banana with avocado (neutral). As for Type AB, I would recommend sweet potato purée (beneficial).

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