Banana Walnut Bread

Banana Walnut Bread

This wheat-free banana bread is so easy to make and so wholesome, that you can finally indulge in some carbs without feeling guilty or bloated! Of course, bananas are not for everyone. They are beneficial for Type O and Type B Secretors, neutral for Type A Non-secretors and Type B Non-secretors, and an avoid for Type A Secretors and Type AB. If you can have bananas, this bread is the perfect solution to over-ripe bananas and a great substitute for regular wheat bread. If bananas are an avoid, experiment with a replacement, e.g. very ripe avocados for Type A, steamed/boiled sweet potatoes for Type AB.

Adding walnuts (or any compliant nuts) to the bread increases the protein content, and allows for a more stable blood glucose level. You can also substitute the brown rice flour with quinoa flour or almond flour to make it a grain-free bread.

Butter is an avoid for Type A and AB, so use ghee instead. But if you are a Hunter, Teacher and Nomad, go ahead and use butter. You can also substitute the fat with compliant nut butter to give it a denser, richer taste. Almond butter works for all types.

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