Albondigas soup is a traditional Mexican meatball soup made with a simple soup base with sautéed onions, garlic, broth and tomatoes, while meatballs and rice or beans are added to it. If you look at the “formula” closely, you can easily swap the ingredients with ones that are compliant to your blood type.

For the meatballs, turkey meat can be used for all blood types, as it can be digested well by all and is beneficial for Type AB and Type A Non-secretors. For Type Os, I highly recommend grassfed beef meatballs and for Type Bs, lamb meatballs. You can add any herbs that are compliant into the meatballs but one herb that is universally beneficial is parsley.

Now, for the vegetables, besides onions and garlic, you can add any other vegetables that are beneficial for your blood type. For a no-brainer, I would add some collard greens as it is universally beneficial. The slightly problematic part is the tomato, an avoid for Type A Secretors and Type B Secretors (OK for the rest). There really isn’t a perfect substitute for that but you may try puréed beet root for the color and some lemon juice for the taste.

As for the broth, use either vegetable broth or stock from bones that are compliant for your blood type.

For the grains, you may add cooked brown rice (beneficial for Type AB and neutral for the rest) or cooked quinoa (neutral for all).

And lastly, if you fancy some beans—especially for the Type As who digest plant protein better than animal protein, add some pre-cooked compliant beans. Cannellini beans are neutral for all blood types. For Type A, black beans and lentils are beneficial. Black-eyed peas are beneficial for Types A and O. Kidney beans are great for Type B, whereas navy beans are beneficial for Type AB. When you cook beans, add a piece of kombu to help prevent gas. For Type Os, especially, I would suggest not combining beans and meat if you have a compromised digestive system at the moment.

In the recipe below, I have used ingredients suitable for Type O, but please follow my suggestions above to adjust them to your own blood type.

Buen provecho!

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