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You consider yourself to be generally healthy. But there are just one or two things that seem to be nagging you and won’t go away, even though you consider yourself to be eating healthy and exercising regularly. Perhaps something is amiss and you can’t figure out why. Then you might need a “Partner in Health” who can point you in the right direction using your unique physiology. Someone who can and inspire you to take action and hold you accountable so that you can take your health to the next level. Whether your goal is to lose those extra 10 pounds, or the stubborn belly fat, or to improve your stamina and be able to carry out the normal functions in everyday life without being dragged down by fatigue, I can provide you with effective, natural and smart solutions based on your unique body and life situations. Most important of all, I’ll give you the partnership you would need to get motivated and claim back your optimum health.

Schedule a 30-minute free Zoom consultation now and see if we’ll be a good match to work together on your health goals.

There is no obligation to sign up for further programs. It is for you to get a feel of how it would be like to work with me. Please be advised that no diagnosis on illnesses or medical recommendations will be given. If you are sincere about working with me and not using this as a “freebie” consultation to get all of your questions answered, please go ahead, scroll down and schedule a call now. I do not accept rescheduling for any no-shows for this complimentary call.


Product Description

Louisa Wah | Health CoachThis is a 30-minute introductory call that will allow me to understand your health history, concerns and goals. It will also allow you to have a taste of how it is to work with me as your health coach. The call’s purpose is to determine if we are a good fit to work together as client and coach. It is not meant to be a “freebie” session where you expect to get all your questions answered or all your problems fixed. If you are sincere about seeking out my help to coach you toward your health goals, then go ahead and book a session. I look forward to meeting you on Zoom!


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