Personalized Health Coaching for Dancers

What is the right diet for a ballerina? Let "Eat Right Chef" and Health Coach Louisa guide you to the right diet for your unique body type!

  • What should a ballerina eat for top shape and performance?
  • Why does a certain diet work for your friend but not you?
  • The answer is:  There is no “one-size-fits-all” diet!
  • But, you don’t have time to play detective. What to do?
  • I can help you customize your meals so they fit exactly your unique body type.
  • Learn how to build a strong dancer’s body with lean muscles and fuel your athletic needs without starving!

Louisa, the "Eat Right Coach" for Ballet Dancers

Hi! My name is Louisa.

I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

I’m also an adult ballet enthusiast who loves to dance and cook (sometimes doing both at the same time!).

As an adult ballet student for over 10 years, I have developed unique insights into the physiology and psychology of dancers and dance students who face the extremely high demands that are required for this particular art form.

I have also understood that in order to fuel the body and mind of a dancer, who is both an artist and an elite athlete with the sharpest mind and sensitivity, we have to treat our body and mind as a Ferrari. Would you fill up its tank with water or vinegar? No way!

Similarly, as a dancer, you can’t fill up your tank with cheap or crappy food, or food that doesn’t make you strong enough to perform.

To pursue your art, your schedule is probably packed and sometimes you just need to grab whatever food is available, and unfortunately, that often means you are not filling up your engine with the best fuel.

Of course, with your activity level, you have absolutely no problem in shedding the calories. But afterwards maybe your joints hurt or you have breakouts or skin issues. You may wake up with a brain fog or feel drowsy after a meal, or you may become bloated or gassy, none of which are desirable for your classes, performances or competitions. You may also have PMS or menstral cramping that makes you feel crappy and put out a subpar performance.

Perhaps you are already eating quite healthy, but your body yearns for supreme class fuel… and what you’re eating isn’t quite doing its job.

You might even have followed everything that your nutritionist has suggested, but still, you are feeling that your fuel is not up to par or does not really fit your unique body type. Honestly, you are tired of so many conflicting nutritional advice from different experts and tips floating around on the Internet.

Maybe your friend is on a vegan diet and she has been able to shed dozens of pounds fast. So you have followed her example but you are actually feeling terrible without meat. You may feel light-headed and bothered with acid reflux that makes it hard to swallow and to sleep.

Or perhaps you are told to load up on carbs because that’s what you need for endurance but you end up feeling bloated or sleepy?

Maybe you having been counting calories but feel restricted and grow tired of it?

Maybe you are hungry all the time but feel like you have to restrict yourself and then end up binge eating and “hangry”?

What if there is a way of eating that satisfies your hunger yet does not make you gain weight?

What if eating to your heart’s content will even help you lose fat and build lean muscles?

Here is where individualized nutrition comes in. Everyone is unique, so why should we be following one-size-fits-all dietary advice?

Since 2009, I have been eating according to my own bio-individuality–more specifically, based on my blood type and genetic attributes. As a result, I have been able to maintain a very healthy weight without too much effort. Sure, ballet has helped me shape my muscles and made me lean and strong (compared with how my body looked when I was in my 20s and 30s). But 80% of that comes from the diet.

How I looked when I first started ballet |   How my weight changed from being underweight during my vegan period to healthy and normal for my body type after eating healthier |

You, too, can learn how to eat to create the ideal body composition for you type and for your performance needs.

And yes, that includes adult ballet students as well.

As an adult student, I have understood that while we are not into the “professional game,” we are earnest about this art form. Yet we have challenges that professionals may not have. Being able to have a solid physique with strong, lean muscles and a low level of systemic inflammation is just as important for us, if not more, as these conditions will help us prevent injury and speed up recovery—particularly helpful if we are well over the age of “retirement,” according to the professional ballet norm. Besides, while it is not easy for us to achieve that “ballerina figure,” eating according to our bio-individuality actually can help us reach our optimal weight and body composition, making it easier to have the “perfect body” that is right for our own types (not necessarily the “ideal shape.”)

Louisa - Adult Ballerina at the Barre

After 14 years, at the age of 49, I’m still an avid ballet student!

Dancers—no matter professionals or amateurs—also face the unique issue of emotional eating and eating disorder, which is still largely being hidden in the hush-hush land. Having experienced that myself, I have learned that the solution ultimately does not lie in fixing the diet. It goes beyond the diet. If you feel you might have an issue and want to get well, I can support you and help you work through it with my coaching.

Here is what I offer: Two one-on-one coaching sessions twice a month to those of you who have tried everything else but are still frustrated. To find out if we are a good fit to work as “partners in health,” schedule a free Transformation Session with me. I look forward to helping your achieve your goals.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here.

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