“Six-Week Challenge to Jump Start Your Mid-Life Body”

Six-Week Challenge to Jump Start Your Mid-Life Body
  • Are you a woman in Mid-Life who have devoted all your life to taking care of others but yourself?
  • Are you feeling depleted, out of shape, unattractive, and even ashamed or guilty about putting yourself first?
  • Do you want to heal your body from years of neglect but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you dreaming of being in your best shape and feeling vibrant again?
  • Do you want to reclaim your vitality and confidence without having to deprive yourself?
  • Have you always wanted to feel great and proud of your body and your SELF, but you are stopped by the fear of failure? Failure to reach your goals. Bad memories of falling off the wagon again and again.

    I bet you’ve tried all kinds of diets under the sky… And nothing has quite worked for you, right?
  • How do you stay sane if you have to count calories for every bite you put into your mouth?
  • How do you avoid being “hangry” if you need to restrict food even though your stomach is growling?
  • How do you find time and energy to do all those insane exercises that feel like a punishment?
  • How can you feel motivated if you are forced to weigh in publicly and see your weight go up instead of down?
  • How can you even hope to lose weight permanently if you’ve only experienced weight loss for a short period of time when you were having a restrictive diet?
  • Is it actually possible to lose weight without eating rabbit food and working out day and night?!
  • Is it actually possible to feel satiated and lose weight at the same time?

If any of these questions run through your head… I have a solution for you.

If your health and well-being has been dominated by Restrictions, Self Denial, Deprivation and Desperation, I can show you a different way where getting to your goals won’t have anything to do with these 3Ds+1R.

Louisa | Eat Right CoachHey, it’s Louisa here. Most people know me as the “Eat Right Chef.” I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I have taught hundreds of people how to eat right based on their unique body type and have served as a personal chef to help clients resolve their chronic illnesses. Recently, I’ve started to help numerous mid-life women achieve their dream of getting back in shape and reclaiming their vibrant energy.

We call ourselves “Eat Right Thrivers“!

And yet…

Many years ago, I was anything but thriving. I was only in my mid-30s when my back froze, and late 30s when gigantic tumors grew in my body.

I realized that I had completely neglected my  health up until then. My focus was on work and taking care of my family. Anything that I would do for myself was considered “selfish”—or so I thought. It took an earth-shattering event—my father’s untimely death to cancer, and my own health crisis, to shake me out of my complacency. And since then, I have discovered how to take care of my body and soul.

For me, it took many twists and turns to get to where I am. After many trials and errors, I’ve finally overcome the major obstacles blocking my path to wellness. Today, at the age of 49, I’m thriving and feeling happy and at peace with my body and my SELF.

If you’re feeling the same way I did years ago, overwhelmed and depleted, I have good news for you. You don’t have to go it alone!

Let me give you a road map, so that you stop hitting dead ends or getting sidetracked, and instead fast forward to realizing your dream of feeling more alive, fit and confident about your body, and enjoying the second half of your life pursuing your hobbies and spending time with your loved ones.

Let me show you how to:

  • Say “No” to chronic pain and illnesses.
  • Say “No” to expensive medical costs.
  • Say “No” to being in a survival mode and having zero energy left to LIVE.
  • And say “Yes” to “Eat Well, Live Well and Thrive!”

I’ve had a TONNE of mid-life women reach out to me asking for my help.

So I decided to build a step-by-step plan to take you from feeling unmotivated, discouraged and desperate to regaining your confidence, getting fitter, feeling healthier, more joyous and even sexier.

No messing around, just a simple, easy-to-follow system designed especially for mid-life women.


Before and After Six-Week Challenge to Jump Start Your Mid-Life Body

Amy B.: (Left) Before the Challenge | (Middle) Half way through the Challenge | (Right) 2 weeks after the Challenge

Are you ready for your transformation?

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Click the button above to reserve a spot in my “Six-Week Challenge to Jump Start Your Mid-Life Body”! You will get a message from me to tell you what the next steps are.

My Challenge will give you access to instructional videos for six weeks, plus the following bonuses:

Bonus #1: Customized shopping list to save you time and avoid decision paralysis

Bonus #2: A 53-week meal planner/health tracker spreadsheet to help you keep track of your meals, exercise, fitness, relaxation and sleep routines, so that you can be more accountable for your own health

Bonus #3: Weekly online group coaching session to answer your pressing questions and to connect with your fellow Challengers

Bonus #4: Accountability FB Community to share your progress and to get support from your coach and fellow Challengers so you don’t quit until you see results

Bonus #5: Free access to “Cooking with Love” Online Cooking Course – Learn the basic cooking methods so you can create your own recipes on the fly (priced at $179 when purchased separately)

Bonus #6: Free access to “Louisa’s Therapeutic Workouts” – includes movement therapies to help you get rid of chronic pain so you can move on to regular fitness programs; barre fitness exercises and more (priced at $179 each when purchased separately)

Bonus #7: The “Eat Right Thrivers” Master Membership: Include full access to online cooking course library; past seminar videos; new content; live cooking demos; live fitness classes; guest fitness and coaching classes on a variety of topics; and an online Thrivers community to hold you accountable and create long-term results. The best part is, you will get all of this for a huge discount as a founding member!


“This doesn’t feel like a diet at all! Skipping meals is no longer attractive to me and I look forward to meals now.”
~Becky P.

“I like that it combines not only what we eat but how we move and how we think and deal with stress and other issues. Because it is all related.”
~Amy B.

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Six-Week Challenge Dishes 1

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Now, grab your spot by filling out the application below! Just click “START” to get started.

P.S. All applications are thoroughly vetted. If I don’t think you’re a good fit for this Challenge at this stage, I’ll let you know. Only serious, dedicated people will succeed in the Challenge. It’s not a “done-for-you” program, and it’s not for people who suffer from “shiny object syndrome”…

BUT if you’re determined, open-minded, willing to put in the work, and ready to knuckle down to create the health and vitality you desire — then I encourage you to apply!





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