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Six-Week Challenge to Jump Start Your Mid-Life Body: FAQ

👉 When does it start?

✅ On January 4, 2020, 10 Founding Members of “The 6 Week Challenge to Jump Start Your Mid-Life Body” will kick off their journey working closely with me to reclaim your health and shape without feeling deprived.

👉 Who is it for?

✅ The program is for divorced mid-life women who are trying to put their lives back together and who understands the first step toward healing is to nourish their bodies. It is specifically designed to put an end to yo-yo dieting and the feeling of self-loathe from weight fluctuations and emotional eating. It’s designed for people who’ve tried all kinds of diets and still haven’t been able to lose weight consistently and stay healthy and satiated at the same time.

I teach how to cook for single-portion meals, so if you have been cooking family meals until now, you will learn how to cook one-dish dinners efficiently and with dense and targeted nutrients for your own nourishment.

👉 What if I am not a divorced or single mid-life woman but want to learn how to cook right for my unique body so that I can lose weight?

✅ No worries. There will be other cohorts after this six-week challenge so you will find people whom you can relate to, learn together and support one another in a small group setting.

👉 What’s included?

✅ You’ll get “The 6 Week Challenge to Jump Start Your Mid-Life Body” plus five bonuses (see below).

✅  Bonus #1: Customized shopping list to save you time and avoid decision paralysis

✅  Bonus #2: Meal plans tailored for your specific body type

✅  Bonus #3: A 53-week meal planner/health tracker spreadsheet to help you keep track of your meals, exercise, fitness, relaxation and sleep routines, so that you can be more accountable for your own health.

✅  Bonus #4: Weekly live Q&A to answer your pressing questions

✅  Bonus #5: Accountability FB Group to keep you motivated and to share your new food choices and your proud dishes

 Bonus #6 : The “Passionate Eat Right Cook” Master Membership: Include full access to online cooking course library; past seminar videos; new content; live cooking demos; live fitness classes; and the “Passionate Eat Right Cook” online community to hold you accountable and create long-term results. The best part is, you will get all of this for a huge discount as a founding member!

👉 I don’t know how to cook and I feel intimated. How can I even cook healthy food with confidence?

✅ Don’t worry. You don’t need a culinary degree to learn how to cook right for your unique body. My virtual cooking classes and demonstrations will teach you the most basic techniques with a slow pace and great details so even if you are a novice, you will feel comfortable in the kitchen.

👉 How much time do I need? I work a lot and am afraid I won’t have the time needed to do the kind of cooking you teach in this program.

✅ To achieve your goal, you do need to avoid processed food and that means you will need to cook your own meals as much as possible. Having said that, I teach a system of meal prep to make your cooking and meal prep routine as efficient as possible, so that you will get the best bang from the limited time you have. As a start, carve out at least one hour a day to do the learning and the actual cooking. This hour is easily lost when you are scrolling on the phone or streaming Netflix. If you can spend a few hours in the weekend to solidify your learning, you will find yourself a master of your kitchen after this program, and the time spent on cooking in the future will be greatly reduced.

👉 Can I still achieve my goals without stepping into the kitchen and just order take-outs or home deliveries?

✅ I would be lying to you if I say “yes.” To succeed in reaching your goal and keep your body in good shape long term, you would really need to cook most of the meals at home (or hire me as a personal chef ;-)). However, once you have learned how to cook and eat compliantly according to the concept I teach, you will occasionally be able to “cheat” a little and still be fine! Also, you will know what to order food from eateries or meal-delivery services to stay as compliant as possible. I will be honest with you–it is hard, but not entirely impossible. I will be offering some tips in my weekly Q&A sessions to guide you in the right direction.

👉 Why should I pay YOU to learn how to cook, when I can find millions of free recipes and cooking videos on the Internet?

✅ True, there are countless ways for you to get inspired on how to cook healthy food. But out of the millions of choices, which ones will target your needs like a laser beam? In my coaching sessions, you will learn exactly which foods will maximize your metabolism and burn fat, so that there will be absolutely zero guesswork. I can help you remove years of trials and errors and thousands of dollars wasted on food that won’t contribute to your health and well-being and programs that eventually lead to bounce-backs.

👉Do I need a lot of expensive kitchen gadgets and utensils to learn how to cook right?

✅ Nope, none of those are necessarily. In fact, you only need very basic kitchen utensils like chopping board, knife, frying pan, saucepan, spatula, stove top, oven, mason jars and a simple blender. If you have a food processor, too, great–it’s icing on the cake; if not, don’t sweat about it. A simple kitchen is all you need. The ingredients are what we’re going to focus on in this challenge.



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