Sugar Addiction and Some Tips on How to Wean off of It

The secret of your success lies in your daily routine |

Sugar Addiction and Some Tips on How to Wean off of It

In my last blog post, I talked about the idea of making ONE thing your priority each day. Have you been asking yourself this question: “What is that ONE thing that you feel you absolutely must do for your health and well-being today?”

This time, I want to talk about how instilling a healthy routine can help you implement your priority and thus get you closer to your goal each time.

The secret of your success lies in your daily routine |
To me, lofty intentions keep my eyes on the ball, but routines are what deliver results.
Baby steps done consistently over time will get you to where you want to go faster than if you take a giant step one day and lose momentum.

Besides, you’ll get small gratifications once you’ve seen a little result and will be motivated to keep going.
So my suggestion is to get started with _________________________(fill in the blank), but go slowly and steadily.

One of my priorities in terms of my eating habits is to eat much less chocolate than I have before. While I eat close to no sugar in my diet nowadays, my favorite go-to dessert, dark chocolate, still contains some sugar in it, and I’ve found it “irresistible.” Part of the reason is because sugar itself is an addictive substance. Coupled with that, the emotional aspect of reaching out for this “comfort food” is causing me to eat much more chocolate than is good for my health, especially since I am a Non-secretor (the minority of each blood type), who is more prone to candida, weight gain and other ill effects caused by sugar.

I have just recorded a video in which I talk about sugar addiction and some strategies to wean off of it. Click here to watch the video.

Sugar and Chocolate Addiction and How to Wean Off |

  • Do you also struggle with sugar addiction?
  • Are you a chocoholic like I am?
  • Have you tried to reduce your sugar intake? What works and what doesn’t work for you?

Please share with me in the comment section of my YouTube video or below this post!

For me, the routine that I am going to implement that will get me off the hook of sweet chocolate, is to eat only 100% chocolate, and reduce the amount little by little every day. ​(P.S. I had successfully weaned off of my chocolate addiction within one month of posting this.)

What would your new routine look like?

If you want to start weaning off of sugar, try to put some of my suggestions to work, and let me know how it goes for you by leaving a comment below.

If you want to get tips on how to get rid of sugar from your diet, click here to get my “9 tips on Sugar Cleanse“.

If you know what’s right for you but need some hand-holding to help you to wean and deal with the emotional aspects associated with sugar addiction, I am here to help you. Having someone to cheer you on and give you a gentle nudge from time to time can make a huge difference. Take advantage of a 30-minute free consultation with me by clicking here.

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