What’s Your New Year Intention?

Cooking Class by Eat Right Chef Louisa

What’s Your New Year Intention?

As we “roll” into the new year, some of you might have made resolutions to start something new or to build better habits. According to the statistics, the No. 1 New Year’s Resolution in the U.S. this year is “Eat healthier,” followed by “Get more exercise” and “Save more money.” If you eat right and cook right for your type, you will automatically be able to achieve the first and third one!

To be able to cook using the right ingredients that support your optimal health is indeed a great skill to have. However, not everyone is comfortable in the kitchen, and some may even feel intimidated.

To help cooking novices feel more comfortable with and gain confidence in cooking, I have decided to create an online cooking course that will not only teach you some basic cooking skills and what ingredients to use, but also show you a “system” that helps you save time by doing meal prep ahead of time, thus making it super easy to put together a nourishing meal even if you don’t have a lot of time or are feeling tired after a long day at work. My goal is to launch this course in the Spring, and in order to achieve my goal, I would need your help. It would help a great deal if you just donate $10 a month to sponsor my effort. Please go to Patreon to show your support: https://www.patreon.com/eatrightchef

Cooking Class by Eat Right Chef Louisa

Now, back to “resolutions.” If we go by statistics, you will find that most resolutions actually don’t pan out successfully. Personally, I like to set intentions for each day, using a key word that describes how I would like to feel when going through the day, e.g. I would like to feel calm and ease as I handle each and every task at hand.

Then, I would make 1-3 things my top priority, not more. There is a lot of power in simplicity. When you focus on fewer things, you are able to put forth greater energy.

So, why not try to make ONE thing your priority each day. Ask yourself this question: What is that ONE thing that you feel you absolutely must do for your health and well-being today? Leave a comment below with your No. 1 priority. I would love to hear from you.

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