Want to Be More Creative with Your Cooking?

Afternoon tea with meatballs and green tea | www.eatrightwithlouisa.com

Want to Be More Creative with Your Cooking?

The key to culinary innovation is to ask the question “Why?” often. Why should a certain food always be eaten in this way or that way? Believe me, I used to be very much a “traditionalist” when it comes to cooking. I wanted to make dishes as close to the way they’re supposed to look and taste as those in traditional recipes. But since discovering the individualized way of eating according to my blood type, I realized that I couldn’t follow this same old pattern of cooking and eating anymore, because some of the ingredients in traditional dishes turned out to be “avoids” for me and would have negative impacts on my health.

So what did I do? Swap the ingredients! This past week, I experimented with a few things and here are the results:

1. I swapped the sandwich and black tea or coffee and cookie with grassfed meatballs (marinated with my “secret sauce“) and green tea. Both are beneficial for my type (Type O).

Afternoon tea with meatballs and green tea | www.eatrightwithlouisa.com

2. Swapped a ham-and-cheese wheat toast with a 100% rye crispbread, spread with grassfed butter, topped with avocado, sesame seeds and Dr. D’Adamo’s Carob Extract. All the ingredients are good for Type O Non-secretors (me).

Avocado rye crisp bread - www.eatrightwithlouisa.com

3. Swap pork sausage and mustard and ketchup with grassfed uncured beef franks with almond butter and Dr. D’Adamo’s Carbo Extract. The result was surprisingly yummy!

Grassfed beef frank with almond butter and Carob Extract - www.eatrightwithlouisa.com

I am sharing these ideas to inspire you. But remember these dishes may not be healthy for your particular blood type. How would you swap your favorite dishes with ingredients that are compliant for your type? Exercise your creativity. And above all, ask yourself “Why?” first… the answer may surprise you.

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