“My family and I have been following the blood type diet for 2 years now and once I found your page my life has changed. All your wonderful tips and recipes have helped so much. Thank you for helping us put our health first.”

~Tiffany Brick

“Louisa Wah is my daughter’s health coach and as such, she comes to our home and teaches her, not only how to eat for optimum health, but also how to cook. If you want to learn how to cook beautiful, tasty, healthy food – tailored to YOUR needs and health – I highly recommend that you contact Louisa. Also, she is very affordable. I would recommend her over ‘Blue Apron’ or other such services any day.”

~Rachel Sapyta

“The Romaine lettuce wrap was absolutely delicious. As far as my craving for sweets – I feel that I have conquered it. I have found that just relaxing, eating the right and healthy foods and being at peace with my body as it is has taken away the stress. Thank you Louisa for your recipes and great ideas for the blood type diet. I am an O also.”

~Anne E.

“Talk with Louisa and reading her newsletter and Facebook page has helped inspired me to fight for my health. Seeing her biography and how diet transformed her life gives me hope. I love the recipes, and I love watching her videos, which are also comforting.”

~Lisa E.

“I’ve been suffering from back pain and migraine for a long time. Via the consultation with Louisa, she suggested many effective exercises to tackle my problems, including some yoga posts and exercises from a book called “Pain Free.” The exercises greatly reduced my back pain and migraine, and the by-product was that my bunion is fading away! Louisa is very knowledgeable and I’d like to give her my highest recommendation to anyone who wants a better life.”

~Elizabeth Kam

“I enjoyed my consult with Louisa. She was personable, non-judgmental, and was able to meet me where I was. I appreciated her resources and her following up with me afterwards! Thanks Louisa!!”

~Michelle Wong, www.nonlinearpath.com

“Louisa Wah’s gentle approach to eating right and taking care of your body is a breath of fresh air. She infuses a wide array of interesting information about health and self-care into each of her cooking lessons. The best part? Her food tastes delicious and makes you feel great after!”

~The Exist Real Team


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