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Eat Right with Louisa Weekly Planner

Eat Right with Louisa Weekly Planner 2018
Eat Right with Louisa Weekly Planner 2018


This is a easy-to-use spreadsheet for keeping track of your food intake, as well as new foods to introduce and to avoid based on your Blood Type Diet food list. On each sheet, you can write down the food and supplements you have eaten for each day of the week. Alternately, you can do meal planning using the form. Whatever works!

On the right-hand column, there are a few things for weekly monitoring. They include your Top 3 priorities; new food to add and to delete; reflections on acts of self-love and a checklist for self-care routines. You may use these checklists on a daily or weekly basis, or any time interval that suits you. The key is flexibility within structure. They are meant to be used as reminders or guidelines, not another stress-inducing “should-do” list!

You will find that by consistently recording your food intake and checking in with your body and soul’s needs over time, you will be a lot more aware of the status of your health and well-being, realize what aspects of your life is out of balance, and thus come up with action plans for self-improvement.


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