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The Dancing Chef Louisa - Eat Right with Louisa - Health Coach for Dancers - www.eatrightwithlouisa.comHello readers! I’m reaching out to you for your kind support!

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You may have come here through Google after researching for some natural ways to get healthier, for recipes or for information on the Blood Type Diet. Or, you might have been following me on Instagram or YouTube and you followed a link to get more content here on my website. Regardless of how you ended up seeing this message, I hope you have been enjoying getting inspirations from my Blood Type-friendly style of cooking and have benefited from my recipes, ideas, Instagram photosblog postsnewsletters and informational and cooking videos.

I am kindly asking you to consider sending me a small donation to support my work so I can continue to serve you.

Contrary to what you might have assumed, my work is not financially sponsored by any other companies (with the exception that I make a teeny tiny amount through affiliate products that I have linked to on this site, which I have personally used and can vouch for the quality). As a start-up solopreneur, I am doing this all on my own—coming up with ideas, creating both text and graphic content, writing newsletters, shooting videos, creating online course materials, posting and interacting on social media platforms, etc. It is a ton of work for an “army of one.” I have been doing everything by myself simply because I don’t have the resources for hiring staff.

The image on the left is a tip jar that represents what I’m holding in my hand and reaching out to you with right now. I don’t actually have cats at the moment (although I will again at some point) but I do have debts as a result of building this start-up business (after a divorce and cross-continent migration that really left me with not much to support my livelihood). These debts are not yet covered by all the work that I do and unfortunately, for one reason or another, I have not been able to be “gainfully employed” to make a living on the side to support my start-up (being a minority woman in mid-life with an eclectic array of experiences that don’t necessarily fit into one single “niche” has, unfortunately, been an obstacle in my search for work due to the reality in this country, although I would rather choose not to believe in that!). My goal is to pay off the debt so I can free up more time and energy to provide more quality content and services to you, and hopefully reaching out to a lot more people who could benefit from the content and coaching that I provide. At the moment, I actually am having difficulty earning enough to make ends meet, let alone preparing wholesome and beautiful dishes fit for this website and my social media channels.

My chosen career as a health coach is my second career and my calling, and am doing this purely out of passion and love. The lack of resources has made me question that calling and feel exhausted and at times burnt out. I know that there is a ton of information you can get “out there” for free, and there are many social media influencers who can offer freebies, knowledge and information non-stop (many can do that due to luckier life circumstances). I do wish to continue, but I am slowing down and may have to stop entirely in order to put food on my own table. If you feel what you have gotten out of my sharing has been of value (which I truly believe so!), I would appreciate a donation proportional to what you can give. No matter how large or small, it will go into good use because everything I have done in the past, and—hopefully going forward, has been/will be to contribute to more and more people’s health and well-being. Thank you so much for supporting my work!

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