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The Dancing Chef Louisa - Eat Right with Louisa - Health Coach for Dancers - www.eatrightwithlouisa.comIf you have been enjoying getting inspirations from my Blood Type-friendly style of cooking and have benefited in any ways from my recipes, ideas, Instagram photosblog postsnewsletters and informational and cooking videos, please consider sending me a donation to support my work so I can continue to serve you.

Contrary to what you might have assumed, my work is not financially sponsored by Dr. D’Adamo and his company, so I am doing this all on my own, and it is a lot of work for an “army of one”!

The image on the left is a tip jar that represents what I’m presenting to you right now. I don’t actually have cats at the moment (although I will again at some point) and don’t have student debts per se, but I do have debts as a result of building this start-up business after a divorce and cross-continent migration. These debts are not yet covered by all the work that I do. My goal is to pay off the debt so I can free up more time and energy to provide more quality content and services to you.

My chosen career as a health coach is my second career and my calling, and am doing this purely out of passion and love. If you choose to send me a donation, no matter how large or small, it will go into good use because everything I do is to contribute to more and more people’s health and well-being. Thank you so much for supporting my work!


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