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Haile Thomas, 16-year-old vegan chef and health coach - www.eatrightwithlouisa.com

A Conversation with Haile Thomas: The Youngest Health Coach and Vegan Chef

She runs an NGO, teaching school children how to eat more healthily by cooking and incorporating more vegetables into their diets. She tours the country—and even the world—giving classes and cooking demonstrations. Every year, she runs a summer camp to engage children and initiate them into the world of vegetable goodness. She has made tons […]

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Stephen Ritz of Green Bronx Machine - Interview by Louisa Wah, www.eatrightwithlouisa.com

The Power of a Plant

  If ancient Babylon’s “Hanging Garden” made it one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the “Tower Garden” in South Bronx, New York, is certainly a miraculous sight to behold in our times. Not for any sense of opulence or external splendor, but for the spectacular physical, social and spiritual transformation of the community […]

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